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If you utilize Twitter to share your thoughts or lunch photos, you’ve been sure to notice the new header images (similar to Facebook’s profile image) now featured on the social media’s website. If you have not noticed then you might not have been included in the slow feature rollout that Twitter put into motion weeks ago.

Not included in the rollout? No worries, because your day is coming and it’s actually really near. December 12, 2012 near. Below is a quick guide walking you through the header image update. It’s valuable real estate that can be used very creatively (or not) should you think strategically and chose an image that represents you or your brand.

The story behind my header image is simple but it’s not just a random map. It’s a map of a rural corner of Macon Co., North Carolina – an area of the country where I can trace almost 90% of my family linage dating back almost 200 years. The map reminds me of the family who carved a life from this rugged and mountainous region of the United States and provided me an epic example of solid work ethic.

To everyone else, it’s a map.

Step One: Select representative image and use photo editing software to crop to 1252px x 626px
Step Two: Log onto Twitter and navigate to ‘Edit Profile’

Step Three: Navigate to ‘Change Header’ then ‘Choose Existing Image’

Location: Twitter
Needs: Image representative of you or your brand. Photo editing software.
Time Estimate: 5-10 minutes.
Difficulty: Super Easy.


Nathan W. Armes
Editorial and Commercial Photographer
Denver, Colorado

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